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Collection/ Brand Update

Whats going on people, thanks for stopping by the site. people really don't care to read actual words on blogs any longer but we hope you take out the time to read these next few paragraphs. First and foremost if you are a fan o the brand and you have been waiting on the new line of bags we are truly sorry. When naming the collection "Suru" (patience in Yoruba language) we did not know it would truly play out like this. 

The Suru collection was to be released November 2015. The day the shipments were to be delivered to us our manufacturer stopped responding. Its not rare that delays happen so we were not phased. They told us they shifted plants so many orders were on back order so they needed one more  month. Two, three, four, five months went by and we still did not have our collection manufactured. We knew something was up, long story short from the information we received from our private investigator, the company had folded. Which meant we were out of our pieces and thousands of dollars that we will never see again.

At this point for many companies is the time they fold and file for bankruptcy. To be honest Herds is not going anywhere. It might take some time to get these bags in the hands of customers but Herds is here to stay. We hope you can have "Suru" with Herds as we figure out our next moves. We have some killer designs and some new products we are sampling from different companies. We just have to make sure we have the right team manufacturing our products and we also have to rebuild our trust in the manufacturing process. We hope you hang in with us. For now we still have the Shepherd boots available for purchase. Please email us if you have any questions. 

Thanks for reading.